1981 Camaro Z28

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Tonight, I got a drive in Kevin’s brother’s 1981 Camaro Z28 with supposedly 350HP at the rear wheels. When he got in our driveway, my mom thought it was my dad who was here with his Harley-Davidson… hehe!!

We went to Haut-Shippagan and he floored it once, jesus what a feeling. The sound is just awesome, what you would expect from an old 350 V8. There’s a shiftkit installed and it’s incredible how much power it gains when it shifts into the next gear. It rained all day so it easily spinned in 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear. We got to the parking lot at the end of Haut-Shippagan and I thought Kevin was gonna do a nice little show but there was too much traffic.

Then we went to Lamèque and we took a back road. He stopped it in the middle of the road to floor it a few times until there was a car that came behind us. We turned into a gravel pit to let the car go and then we went where two roads merged and it was donuts time!!! YEEHAW. Sadly, his cellphone rang after like a minute so we left the spot. Kevin does not speed much anymore but I could see the huge grin on his face. Anyway on the way back to Shippagan he stopped on the side of the road (still in the back roads) and said « I can’t give you a ride without letting you drive ». Well he didn’t ask me twice. At first I was very careful cuz I didn’t want to fuck up or anything and I respect the car’s power. But also, the rear tires are worn out and it was raining still. So I kinda took it easy. The steering is probably one of the worst I’ve have to deal with — no feeling at all. The car doesn’t feel like a boat but the steering is really poor. The brakes aren’t bad but you have to push hard on the pedal. But the power, the power… I wasn’t anywhere near as hard on the car as Kevin, but I did have my fair share of fun 😛

I spinned it a few times here and there, floored it on the « plaine » back to Shippagan. Then I went in on the « Hotel de ville » avenue. When I turned on the avenue, I floored as hard as I could and I drove sideways for a few feet, but I had to let the gaz go when it was a little bit too sideways for my skills.

One day… one day 😀

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