Jun 06

I called Fido to change my address and my phone number because I moved to another province. I remember seing ads on TV where Fido proudly said their customer representatives are now easy to reach. This is total bullshit, I called 611 and chose the option to change my address but I seemed to be in a dead end: I was told to wait but after a few minutes of holding I wasn’t even sure if my call was still in the system, I didn’t even had background music to let me know the line is still alive. I called back repeatedly but couldn’t find a way to talk to a human being. I abandonned out of frustration.

After looking on the internet for a way to talk to get to a human, I called back and tried again the option to change my address and I finally ended up in a queue.

A nice guy picked up my call and apologized for the trouble. He changed my address but as he was looking for a new number in my area, the line cut off for some reason. Grrr. Fortunately, he called me back as I was dialing back 611. I noticed that the caller id was not 611 but rather a regular number, but didn’t think twice about it. The representative was helpful, but unfortunately Fido don’t have any local numbers in my area so I’ll have to switch carrier when my prepaid credits expire.

After hanging up, I try to log into my account on their website and I get Java timeout errors (their website is so unstable it could have a blog article on its own). After trying back 15 minutes later, I finally get it working but WTF, my balance now shows $0.00 and my account status is deactivated!!! I had about $25 before I called them!!! And to add insult to injury, I was charged $4.60 for long distance when the customer representative called me back because I am out of my current local calling area!!! What kind of shitty system is this??? And lucky as I am, customer service is now closed for the day.

I just want to scream out of anger!

Posted from Shippagan, New Brunswick, Canada.

One Response to “Fido, never again!”

  1. Milos Dana Says:

    I’ve had similar FIDO’s “service”

    On December 6 2012 I purchased for 125$ a LG phone @ FIDO in Montreal in Angrignon shopping mall for my son. In the begging of May 2013 the phone’s display as well as all features stopped working due to a manufacturer error. I brought the phone to FIDO’s Alexis Nihon branch for repair as it was still under warranty.

    And then problems start multiplying. For 3 weeks I’ve been awaiting for my LG phone to be repaired, tough promised by the branch it would take 2 weeks only. Once done the employees at FIDO branch at Plaza Alexis Nihon in Montreal, being very unprofessional,delivered the “repaired” phone without battery. I explained the battery was taken by either the branch employee or never returned by FIDO contractor service company. However they insisted that “I lost it”

    I contacted FIDO online support and demanded to escalate the problem. FIDO response: “When it comes to handset repair issues, these must be dealt with the store itself. As we are unable to reach an agent at this store I am unfortunately unable to rectify this situation.” FYI: any time I called I was able to reach someone at the store but with the same answer:” Sir, I cannot talk to you over the phone we have so many clients in the store”. I guess they consider a junk clients calling…

    And so FIDO “escalation service” and the branch are keeping me in an infinite loop of not-doing- anything…The offered me 25$ airtime for the phone that doesn’t work..can you imagine that ??

    Right now my son is 5 weeks without the phone due to FIDO error.

    I will cancel subscription for all 3 cells I have with FIDO and switch to another provider.