Oct 08

I didn’t realise I had started to work on other improvements before releasing 0.2.5.

Google has doubled the maximum image size from 800 pixels to 1600 pixels. So kPicasa Gallery now has the option to select what image size you want.

I also corrected a small bug that always showed the « Picasa slideshow link », even if that option was unchecked.

Posted from Shippagan, New Brunswick, Canada.

4 Responses to “kPicasa Gallery 0.2.6”

  1. Jürgen Says:

    Hiding of the new google+ albums was a feature that I didn’t even dare to expect, although they did annoy me the last weeks. Thanks a lot for bothering, I’m very pleased with your plugin for more than 2 years now. Cheers! Jürgen

  2. Ed Says:

    Any chance you would be able to fix the limitation bug?
    Myself, and a few others, have posted on the WordPress forum the issue. I have about 19 albums listed but only 9 are shown.

  3. Jürgen Says:

    Hi Ed, just read that because I posted the comment before your’s. I wonder what is happening with your galleries, because mine (85 public ones) all show up perfectly?!

  4. Ed Says:

    I don’t understand it either.
    The developer has contacted me so we will see what he can tell me what I am doing wrong, if anything.