Oct 15

This new version fixes a bug where the image thumbnail size was incorrectly saved, and unchecking « Picasa slideshow link » wasn’t saved either.

As a new feature, it is now possible to enter your own values for these fields (instead of one of the predefined choices):

  • Album thumbnail size
  • Image thumbnail size
  • Image full size

Posted from Shippagan, New Brunswick, Canada.

16 Responses to “kPicasa Gallery 0.2.7”

  1. Eike Henning Says:

    Nice Plugin!
    Is there some way to show the pictures even bigger than 1000 px?
    Because my are normally 1200 pixel in width. But 1000 is the maximum in the Box. Is there a special reason for this?

  2. Guillaume Says:

    @Eike: Picasa only provides uncropped pictures up to 1000 pixels unfortunately.

  3. Otakar Says:

    is there any way how to display more thn 1 non-public album in the same page – or mixture of public and non-public albums?

    I mean to use it like in the example:
    KPICASA_GALLERY(TripToEurope#authkey1, TripToAsia, TripToAustralia#authkey2)
    When I tried it, it displays each time only first album from the list.

  4. Guillaume Says:

    @Otakar: currently it is not possible to show more than one private album in a post. This is by far the most requested feature, it should be included in the next release.

  5. Karim Says:

    Great plugin!
    I’m switching from shashin to kPicasa Gallery :-)

    Though I miss the ability to select witch pictures from an album to view. So I hacked a few lines of code to read the tags and select only these for viewing.

    Also, I think it would be great to be able use KPICASA_GALLERY(…) multiple times on a page.

  6. Martin Says:

    The Google documentation doesn’t say anything about the 1000 pixels restriction. May be it was last year, but there have been some changes because of G+.

    I really like to use this plugin, but I have soms panoramas which can’t be shown perfect right now 😉

  7. Guillaume Says:

    @Martin: You are right, the 1000 pixels limit is not documented by Google. When I released the current version, I tried to increase the resolution by hand. Ex:
    This would work: http://lh6.ggpht.com/-RVsiZkefqoA/S82eIC8QjnI/AAAAAAAAD7k/Rz216KWoaYQ/s1000/LacTemis.jpg
    This would not work: http://lh6.ggpht.com/-RVsiZkefqoA/S82eIC8QjnI/AAAAAAAAD7k/Rz216KWoaYQ/s1001/LacTemis.jpg

    I just tried that again, and that limit seems to be removed. I’ll adjust for the next release. Thanks.

  8. Bas Says:

    Hi, thank you so much for the plugin. I saw that you made the plugin translateble in version 2.3. But how can I make the translation file? Or is there allready a dutch translation? If not, I can make one.

  9. Guillaume Says:

    @Bas kPicasa Gallery uses the standard translation engine from WordPress. You could look up on Google to learn how it works (it might look intimidating at first).

  10. Bas Says:

    @Guillaume, got it translated now, thanks 2 (http://www.lost-in-code.com/platforms/wordpress/wordpress-translate-a-plugin/)

    But how should I name the translated file so your plugin will use it?

  11. Para1 Says:

    please a little mistake: the pictures and the text of the folders are not centered but left aligned. please change – thanks 1000x

  12. Bri Says:

    hi, I was wondering when the next version will be out? I am interested in this plug in as it handles private gallery links

  13. Bas Says:


    maybe an idea for your next version to make an extra option to hide the discription fields inside a post.

  14. Deivi Silva Says:

    Hi, i´m having problems with the kpicasa function, when i put in with other code or text, the function (kpicasa_gallery) shown as text (in tags “”) someone has had this problem? help me please. Thanks

    P.D: Sorry if i could`nt explain me well, but my english is very bad. Thxs

  15. d-prod Says:

    Hello, i want to use your pugin but i have a bug.
    I want to mask the post album of google+ but i don’t show that.
    I can only mask profil’s photos

    Can you hel me?

    How mask an album?

    Sorry for my english, i’m french and my level is bad

  16. BAY Says:

    Hi, great plugin!
    I’m trying to apply it in my facebook app and got 1 sticky trouble with position of popup picture using highslide.js !!!! I’m not good at JS, so any help would be great.
    highslide.js positions those pictures automatically but in FB I use this code:

    <body style="overflow:hidden;" onload="framesetsize(800,3000)" class="”>

    it makes plugin think that a user has 3000pixel display in vertical so it automatically makes popup in the bottom. And I still can’t fix it!))))) HELP!